Acquisitions & Dispositions

When it comes to adding to your real estate portfolio or selling assets you already own, we can ensure the transaction in question complements your medical strategy and your best interests are upheld every step of the way. While we tailor this offering to exactly what you need, this may include: 

Acting as a Confidential Buyer

This allows you to purchase real estate assets anonymously.

Utilizing Our Network of Qualified MOB Owners and Developers 

Our network extends across the country to facilitate both buy or sell transactions.

Negotiating Transactions Directly 

By acting as the negotiator between buyer and seller, we can streamline the timeline while making sure you are always in the best position possible. We also ensure you are given various rights such as: 

  • Tenant approval and use rights 
  • Budget and improvement approval
  • Professional property management 
  • Review of leasing procedures (annual lease rates, tenant finish contributions)